Revisiting Dr. Judy Wood – Because She’s Right About 9/11

Dr. Wood's book Where Did The Towers Go: Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11 deserves attention. Its 500 pages provide compelling evidence that the towers were made to go 'poof' by very advanced technology. And we can also conclude that that technology could instead be harnessed for the good of humankind.

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Rosemary Frei, MSc
July 8, 2021

Did you hear the one about 14 firefighters walking away after a 110-storey building supposedly toppled down on them?

It sounds like a gag. But it really happened.

Twenty years ago this September, on 9/11, a group of firefighters were trapped in the ground level of a stairway in the centre of the half-mile-high World Trade Center North Tower (WTC1). When the dust cleared, beams of sun shone down on them.

This is well-documented, such as in the film “The Miracle of Stairwell B.”

If WTC1 had collapsed, the men would have been crushed by the building’s steel and concrete. That would have been the case whether a plane flew into the building -- with the resultant intense fires causing key support beams to fail, and then each floor falling by gravity on the one below it (the mainstream narrative); or whether there had been controlled demolition, thermite or mini-nuke explosions (the main ‘opposition’ narratives).

Yet the firefighters walked away largely unharmed.

For some reason, though, influential people still dismiss the evidence-based conclusion -- from Judy Wood -- that fits this and virtually all of the other phenomena that were observed on that watershed day.

In her 500-page, 2010 book Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11, Wood details her forensic study of every piece of publicly available evidence. She doesn’t engage in formulating theories; rather, she arrives at solid conclusions based on facts.

Wood uses hundreds of diagrams, photographs, mathematical calculations, eye-witness accounts and references to do so. You can see for yourself – you can order copies of her book here.

She determined that the twin towers (WTC1 and 2), WTC3, WTC7, most of WTC4 and 6, and part of WTC5 disintegrated and turned to dust – a phenomenon she dubs ‘dustification.’ Wood also concluded that this happened to each building extremely quickly and without a lot of noise. In the last chapters she details the explanation that best fits all this: powerful and precise harnessing (at ambient temperature) of directed free energy.

Her website summarizes this. For example, there is a lot of detail about her 2007 lawsuit on this page of her website. (In the suit she requested that the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST] correct its fundamentally flawed, fall 2005, report on what happened on 9/11/.)

Among the most striking images in her book are those of the holes left where the buildings had been. They’re on, among others, pages 20, 39, 62, 137 and 143, and almost all of the pages of chapters 9 and 10.

“This is the dawn of a new age,” Wood said in a 2012 talk. “Somebody has the ability to direct energy to disrupt the molecular bonds of matter.”

I first heard of  Wood about 15 years ago. But when I asked a more knowledgeable friend of mine about her, he said she’d been discredited. I believed him and didn’t look into it myself.

But then in mid-March 2021 I was contacted by Andrew Johnson. He’s volunteered tens of thousands of hours since 2004 to help Wood counter misinformation about her work (by, among many other things, being the main person responsible for distributing her book in Europe [Note: the words 'in Europe' added July 10]).

Johnson emailed me because he’d read some of my articles. He recognized that I, like he and Wood, try to seek the truth no matter which ‘side’ of an issue it falls on.

We spoke on the phone and a few weeks later he mailed me Wood’s book. (I paid him back for it.)

I immediately read the book. Wood – a former professor of mechanical engineering who has a BS in civil engineering, an MS in engineering mechanics and a PhD in materials engineering science – leaves few if any stones unturned in examining what happened that day.

Unfortunately, groups such as Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and high-profile people like Greg Jenkins (a former member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth) make erroneous assumptions and ignore many pieces of evidence. They also ‘debunk’ Wood, by twisting information and hiding facts.

Among the phenomena these individuals and groups ignore or don’t accurately account for are: 1) very little debris from the towers hitting the ground, as evidenced by the Stairwell B 14 firefighters -- and, among other things, the many photos showing how little debris there was, and the lack of a significant seismic signature (which would have been present if the one million tons of material in the buildings had hit the ground); 2) more than an inch of dust covering the ground and people all around lower Manhattan immediately after the towers disappeared; 3) the strange ways several steel beams were bent and twisted; 4) the vast majority of eye witnesses not feeling heat in the vicinity of the WTC buildings or from the hundreds of cars ‘on fire’ near the buildings (Wood dubs them ‘toasted,’ and not because they were all scorched but because they were rendered inoperable); 5) no scorch marks on most of those cars, and leafy trees and paper around them remaining largely undamaged; and 6) virtually no significant damage to the concrete basin around the WTC’s foundation (known as a ‘bathtub’) -- and therefore very little Hudson-River water entering the WTC plaza or any other part of lower Manhattan.

“For the alternative hypotheses such as planes flying into the building, controlled demolition or mini-nukes to hold up, you have to keep the dustification covered up. And you have to keep the lack of debris covered up,” Johnson told me in a telephone interview. “Instead, you have to claim that the debris was spread over a wide area or had collapsed into the area under the towers. You also have to claim that the twisted metal of the steel beams was caused by heating it a great deal, and that the toasted cars were damaged by very hot substances. In other words, you have to cover up the fact that that happened without much heat being present.”

I’ve pasted at the bottom of this article a table Wood uses to summarize her conclusions. It shows that only directed free energy – cold, directed energy to be exact – accounts for the main phenomena that took place on 9/11. (I’ll discuss in a future article the tritium and ionizing radiation.) The other explanations account for none, or only one or two, of those phenomena.

For example, as Wood details in Chapter 5, there wasn’t significant damage to the ‘bathtub.’ This is the 70-foot-deep, concrete retaining basin below the water table and around the foundations of the buildings (WTC1, 2, 3 and 6) that were located in the west half of the WTC plaza.

The bathtub could not have remained mostly intact if hundreds of thousands of tons of rubble had fallen into it, with the accompanying seismic impact on the bedrock beneath it.

But it received only relatively minor damage. Therefore very little water from the Hudson River entered the main basin or the adjoining train tunnels in the smaller basin underneath the east side of the WTC plaza.

The hypotheses of fires from airplanes’ fuel and controlled demolition, and explosions/fires with thermite or mini-nukes, also don’t fit the facts. The biggest clue that this is the case is the absence of major debris and no significant damage to the bathtub or seismic signature as the buildings went ‘poof’ (a term used by Wood to describe their disintegration in mid-air).

And as Wood observes in Chapter 17 (on page 110), “everything that goes ‘boom’ is not necessarily a bomb.” For example, there were eye-witness accounts of firefighters’ oxygen tanks exploding in the WTC area. Therefore that’s the most likely explanation for the minor explosions that occurred that day.

There also were very few people needing emergency care; little significant damage to the surrounding buildings; very little heat or fire; less than 10 percent of the 3,000 victims’ bodies were found; and only one filing cabinet was discovered, along with no other pieces of furniture, sinks, toilets or computers. In fact more unburned paper and aluminum cladding remained than virtually anything else.

Chapter 8 is on dustification. It’s full of photos and eyewitness accounts of steel core columns and huge concrete blocks turning into dust while aloft.

Also notably, the volume of dust coating the ground and people in the area of the WTC plaza was far larger than would have resulted from the towers collapsing by gravity, explosions or controlled demolition.

Moreover, many eyewitness firefighters described the area becoming enveloped with white dust so thick that the sunlight was blocked for a few minutes. Their eyes, mouths, noses and lungs rapidly clogged with the gritty, dense dust.

A typical account is from Deputy Chief Medical Officer David Prezant (page 156).

“There was all sorts of particulate matter in my throat and in my eyes, and my eyes were burning. My throat was burning. I was coughing. I was choking,” Prezant said. ... “[It] was completely black. It was blacker than midnight. I could not see the sky. The air was like syrupy charcoal paste.”

Large volumes of the fine dust floated upwards as the towers vanished, gradually reaching the upper atmosphere (see Chapter 14).

About 1,400 cars  and other types of vehicles were ‘toasted’ on 9/11 -- some as far as 1,000 feet from the WTC plaza. Wood focuses on them in Chapter 11.

The strange things about them included: unburned plastic and paper in and around vehicles that were in flames or appeared to have been burnt; unnaturally rapid rusting of large surfaces of the cars; melted or completely missing tires and windows while the remaining areas of the vehicles were left relatively intact; and, upside-down cars and trucks, with nearby trees trees remaining unscathed even though they wouldn’t have escaped damage if fast-moving air had been responsible for flipping the vehicles.


The most logical explanation for all of this, using the currently available public information, is the “Tesla-Hutchison Effect.’ It harnesses naturally occurring ('free') energy forces.

In Chapter 17 Wood describes the similarities between how the Hutchison Effect changes matter and what happened to the toasted cars and to various materials from the WTC buildings.

“I use the Hutchison [E]ffect as an illustrative example or model of what kinds of known extraordinary effects can result from electromagnetic interference,” Wood writes on page 356 [italics in the original]. “I use Hutchison’s work also because a great deal of information is available about it, especially on the internet.”

The name of this effect comes from two men, one of whom is Nikola Tesla. He was a Serbian inventor and experimental scientist. Tesla is famous for having made many advances in mechanical and electrical engineering.

John Hutchison is a Canadian who, based on the discoveries of Tesla and others, has been increasing the understanding of the interplay between magnetism, gravity, radio waves and electricity. Decades ago Hutchison discovered, while trying to duplicate some of Tesla’s experiments, that weak magnetic fields can be used to steer electrostatic fields.

Dramatic things can happen to objects in the vicinity of those intersecting fields, including: fusion of different types of materials such as metal and wood; spontaneous combustion, ‘melting,’ peeling, ‘jellification,’ fracturing, and thinning and rapid aging of metals, with little if any accompanying heat; levitation; and very rapid temporary or permanent altering of materials’ crystalline structure and physical properties (with some of those transformations continuing even after the energy fields are removed).

Hutchison is agnostic about who he works with and how the findings are used. He’s given demonstrations to and/or collaborated with, among others, industry,  NASA, the Canadian Department of National Defense, the US military, the Pentagon and Los Alamos National Labs.

Most of the resultant discoveries are classified. But there also have been many media reports on his experiments by journalists who witnessed them first-hand.

Wood’s old website has material on the Hutchison Effect and on Hutchison –

Hutchison’s own website is There are documents on it such his detailed sworn affidavit in support of Wood’s NIST-related lawsuit. In it, Hutchison states, among other things, that (page 3), “Upon examination of the destructive effects done to the WTC on 9/11, as documented by Dr. Wood and as reviewed by me, I can and do assert that the WTC was destroyed by devices that ares scaled up, refined and/or weaponized versions of the effects that I named the ‘Hutchison effect.’”

There also are these documents on his website by other observers. They provide details of: the equipment he’s used to create the Hutchison Effect, including Tesla coils; the phenomena his effect causes; and hypotheses about how and why these phenomena occur.

Andrew Johnson’s website also has a lot of relevant material. For example there is a radio interview of Wood and Hutchison. There also is this interview of retired U.S. Army Colonel John Alexander, in which he describes Hutchison’s work. And Johnson has written two books on Wood’s work – you can download them for free from this page on his website.

In her book, Wood amasses additional evidence supporting her conclusion. For example, in Chapter 19 she documents a very significant geomagnetic event that occurred on 9/11: between 8:20 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. that day the earth’s magnetic field fluctuated wildly.


Overall, Wood’s work answers several key questions about what happened on that September day 20 years ago.

But many puzzles remain.

Why are influential people in the 9/11 truth movement working hard to divert attention from Wood’s work?

Why was the directed free-energy technology used on 9/11?

Has it been used before and if so where and when?

What is the array of possible constructive uses of directed free energy?

I’ll try to answer those questions in a future article.


Table Created by Judy Wood Comparing Different Proposed Mechanisms for Destruction of Twin Towers on 9/11 (reproduced here with Wood's permission)

After obtaining an MSc in molecular biology from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary, Rosemary Frei became a freelance writer. For the next 22 years she was a medical writer and journalist. She pivoted again in early 2016 to full-time, independent activism and investigative journalism. Her website is

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